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Ok, so she’s not a band in and of herself.  She does have a band, though.  In fact, she’s had more than one as the line up’s changed a bit.  She used to be Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set and now she’s Clare Bowditch and The New Slang.  It doesn’t matter what band she has with her, though, she is always, always nothing short of  awesome.

Aside from the fact that she makes really good music, I really look up to Clare Bowditch as a role model and as a woman.  She’s a mother of three (two of whom are twins), she’s talented, successful and despite the fame, really down to earth. She’s intelligent, socially aware and has a great sense of humour. She’s political and outspoken. Most notable (to me) was her support of women’s right to choose home birth despite the fact that she had not made that particular choice for herself. On top of all that, she puts on a fabulous live show (I’ve seen her twice now and I highly recommend going to a gig of hers whenever you can) and has very good taste in dresses.

I guess what draws me to her the most is that she’s Real. She doesn’t put on airs, she doesn’t strut or think she is the centre of the universe. She just does what she does and she pulls it off with grace and style. If only I could be so put together, confident and talented. If only I could make it look so easy (and I know it isn’t easy … not even for her).

It was hard to choose one song for this post. I decided to stick to the most current album and narrowed it down to the title track, Modern Day Addiction, or Bigger Than The Money as they are my two favourites at the moment. In the end, I chose Bigger Than The Money if only because I liked the video more.  So, enjoy and, if you liked what you heard, go look up more of her stuff or head to her website here.

I thought I would add that Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set was one of the bands that made up Bug’s first rock concert. He was two and he had a blast. The other two bands were The Waifs and John Butler Trio. Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set were on first and Bug and his friend danced up a storm. We have video of some of the dancing so I thought I’d be a gushing mother and post it here. I’m honestly not sure if this particular video was shot during Clare’s set or right after. It’s hard to tell as the video didn’t pick up the sound very well. However, rest assured that he and his friend were dancing just as enthusiastically throughout Clare’s set, possibly taking a bit of the spotlight off the band due to sheer cuteness. 🙂 (In case you’re wondering, Bug is in the red shirt.)

Now, the question is: Am I brave enough to tweet the link to this post to Clare Bowditch herself? Or, would that just be creepy of me?


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I really want to try to do Music Monday more often because I like music and it’s fun to share good songs with people. So, in attempt to motivate myself to keep this blog going, I’m setting myself a challenge. I need to do a Music Monday for every Monday of this month because November is AusMusic Month on TripleJ* and I thought it would be fun to get into the spirit of it.

This week I chose Children Collide. They’re a three piece out of Melbourne and they are soooooooo 90’s … which is probably why I like them. 🙂 I try not to think about the fact that, while I was buying my first flannel shirts and chained wallet, these boys were probably barely out of nappies. It is an alarming aspect of growing old when you start to realize that many of the bands you dig weren’t even alive when you were going through puberty.

Anyway, here’s my current favourite Children Collide song: My Eagle. Turn it up loud and enjoy the hilariously retro 90’s video. I told you they were so 90’s! (Can these kids even *remember* the 90’s … or see through that hair?)





*  TripleJ is the national youth radio station here in Australia. It is sort of like NPR in the US only with less boring talk shows and more really good music. I should do a post about how awesome TripleJ is sometime. I will do that. One day.

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Yesterday I got a chance to visit a friend in the Perth Hills. I love going up there. It’s beautiful. Carlia lives about an hour’s drive away but it’s worth it. Even the drive is beautiful. There is something about the hills that make me almost like living here. It’s the trees, I think. I need to be surrounded by trees every once in a while. It’s a comforting feeling. Even though the kinds of trees are different, and there are no mountains visible above them, it makes me feel a little closer to home. The hills are the best during the autumn/winter months. During the summer, it’s too hot for me to fully appreciate the trees … I’m too busy melting. If you want to see what I mean about the beauty of the Perth Hills, check out Carlia’s blog particularly this post. If we have to stay in Perth, I really want to move to the hills.

The reason for the gathering at Carlias was an Intimo party. Intimo is a line of lingerie that is sold via a party plan. I am not shitting you. This is a real thing in the world. Party plan undies. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be attending things like undie parties, I would have laughed in your face. I’ve even hosted Tupperware parties of my own. What’s worse? I’ve not only been to a sex toy party but I’m planning on going to another one as soon as my friend is able to organize a date for it. Yeah, my life is exciting, is it not? 🙂 But, hey, they’re good excuses to get together, eat some cake and enjoy the company of friends (and even, dare I say, make some purchases … though not this particular time).

My accent was brought up at the party. Everyone thinks it’s funny how Australian I sound when I pronounce an “O” sound. It is kind of funny, I suppose. The scary thing, though, is that I realized today that I’d find it difficult to actually pronounce that “O” sound in an American accent now. In fact, it might be impossible. Since when did I become so Australian, that I cannot even immitate a full American accent? Oh, hai Identity Crisis, I forgot you existed for a while. Sigh.

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Ok, I know, technically this is “Music Tuesday” rather than the intended “Music Monday.” I wasn’t able to get to the post yesterday and, well, it’s still Monday somewhere in the world, right?

Anyway, I’m sticking to the Aussie bands theme still and today is Blue Juice. They are made of awesome. Good music and hilarious to boot. I am determined to see them live one day. I reckon it would be almost as much fun as a Presidents of the United States of America show. 🙂

The first video was shot in a street mall in Sydney and I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that mall. Too bad nothing awesome like a Blue Juice video was being shot at the time, though.


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Australia has tons of great bands. I dig a lot of them. I know some of them have made it overseas but I’m not sure where and how well they’ve done. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favourite Aussie bands on here. This is meant to be a recurring theme that I’ll go back to as the feeling hits me. This time it’s Philadelphia Grand Jury. They’re a fun indie pop kind of band out of Sydney and I really dig them.

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We’re having a long weekend down here in Oz. Why? Because Monday is a public holiday? Why? I have NO FREAKING CLUE!

Australians like their public holidays. They have a freakish amount of them each year(around 10 depending on which state you’re in). Rarely does anyone even know *why* they have the day off work. But, you know what? That’s fine by me!

Australian’s laid back attitude where there is always time to relax is an easy one to adopt. Being here so long, I have nearly forgotten how hideous it is to be a part of the US workforce. I mean, no wonder Americans rarely know anything about the world around them … they’re too busy being worked to death and paid shit to travel or think about the world outside! Over here most workplaces have something called “long service leave” in which you get a month or two off for something like 5 year’s work or something silly! This is on top of being entitled to way more paid (and unpaid) annual holiday leave than the average American worker can even dream of PLUS the public holidays. You’d think, given this laid back attitude towards work vs play that Aussies would have a reputation for being lazy sods, right? Well, anecdotally, this isn’t the case. I’ve been told that UK workplaces often prefer hiring Aussies for their good work ethic!

So, I salute the Australian public holiday. I suggest you all raise your beers and salute it too! Take that, US Puritanical “work ethic.” *thumbs nose*

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There is a busker well known in these parts called The Badpiper. I’ve only been lucky enough to catch his show once or twice and then not even a whole set. But I’ve loved what I saw. Picture this: a dude with a mohawk, a leather kilt, huge (and AWESOME) goth boots, tattoos all up his arms and an electric bagpipe. You can’t get any better than that, right? 😀 Well, he did …

Today I had to duck into Fremantle to pick something up at the markets. I waited until Cub went down for his nap and then bribed Bug with icecream to get him to come with me. I quite like taking Bug to Freo by ourselves … its our one on one time. We got to the markets, got what we wanted, got Bug’s icecream and headed out to the courtyard outside the markets to have a look at the buskers. Bug loves buskers, he loves music of any sort and a chance to actually watch it being made appears to be his idea of heaven. The band playing was one of those mood music type of bands … you know, the type with a bongo drum, dulcimers and a bunch of electronic sounding whale song-esque stuff in the background. Not too bad but not anything to be excited about. Then I noticed the board with the names of the performers and times that they will play. The Badpiper was on it and he was next! I got ridiculously excited. I hadn’t seen him around in years and I had begun to think that he was off the busking circuit. So we hung around to see him, which turned our quick trip to Freo to an hours long outing. But it was worth it. He’d added FLAMES to his show! I shit you not. He’s got some sort of rig on his pipes so that he can shoot flames off the ends of three of the pipes while he plays. Thankfully my phone is pretty handy and I took a video:

How awesome is he? He does this professionally so you can hire him for weddings, parties, etc. I wish I’d known about him when we got married. We would have hired him in a heartbeat. I wish I could come up with an excuse to have a function that would require a musician …

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