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Oh, hai thar! So, it’s been something like three months since I blogged last. Um, sorry? Things have been Happening, Writers Block has been had, Time has been Occupied, Dreads have been Shaved, etc. I’d promise to be better about blogging more regularly but … well, I probably wouldn’t keep that promise. We’ll see, hey?

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble on about how I haven’t been blogging for a while. I want to blog about what I wanted to blog about! Which is my awesome costume for the Bug’s school’s quiz night a bit over a month ago. We only just got around to uploading the pictures so I figured now’s the time to show off. 🙂 Warning: The post contains Extreme Dorkiness (in case you hadn’t picked up on the reference in the title).

The school held a fund raising Rock Quiz night. I had planned to go and then thought we couldn’t go due to lack of a babysitter. As it turned out, friends had already bought tickets for us to make up a whole table. I felt bad so The Geek and I decided that I should go while he stayed home with the kids. This worked out because he’s not social and I am. I’d get an evening out and he wouldn’t have to put up with a quiz night. Win win. Then a friend reminded me TWO DAYS before the damn quiz that it was fancy dress! The theme was Rock Star or Super Hero. I panicked and the first thing that came to my extremely dorky mind was the following:

I was the twelfth regeneration of the Doctor! He regenerated as a woman. This is how I see it: The Doctor  is a super hero. I had two days to come up with a costume. I had nada and not a big budget with which to go renting costumes. The twelfth regeneration of the Doctor hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, I could have free reign to create my own costume! Easy! Also FUN!

I immediately started brainstorming via Twitter because that’s where all the other Doctor Who dorks that I know and love hang out. It didn’t take long for The Awesomest Couple In the Universe* offered to loan me the coolest purple trench coat ever** plus a sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.***

An important aspect of the costume, of course, is the stripey socks. This is because stripey socks are cool.**** Another important aspect of the costume is the contents of the pockets because I may be a dork but at least I attend to the details when crafting a Doctor costume. In the pockets of the awesome purple trench coat were: one sonic screwdriver (in case I needed to, you know, resonate concrete or something), one psychic paper, and one TARDIS key. I stopped short of bringing a banana***** with me because that probably would be going a little too far.

In the end, no one asked what I was and probably no one even knew I was in costume. BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! What matters is that *I* knew I was the Doctor and I made sure I was well prepared to save the world that night if need be … perhaps even pick up a clingy blond or short skirted ginger companion along the way … Or perhaps even a 51st century flirt with a thing for guns. Yeah, that would have been brilliant!

You are probably saying that you think I am a hopeless geeky dork right now. To that I really can only say “Quite right, too!”

*       Possibly more than one universe.

**    Because the Doctor always has a distinctive coat. And, by “distinctive,” I mean anywhere from who cares about the coat, that scarf is made of WIN! *cough* Four *cough* to utterly omgwhatwereyouthinking hideous *cough* Six *cough* to cool with awesome sauce *cough* Nine *cough* to a little bit Janis Joplin *cough* Ten *cough.* Did I *cough* too many times there? *cough* Perhaps *cough.*

***  Because the Doctor is someone who looks at a screwdriver and thinks “That could be a little more sonic.”

**** Cooler, even, than bow ties or fezzes.

***** Thus breaking the Doctor’s own rule to always bring a banana to a party.

Edited to fix my failure to give credit where credit is due. The original idea of the twelfth regeneration of the Doctor being female was shamelessly stolen from the female half of the Awesomest Couple in the Universe. Read the first installment of her amusing and as yet unfinished (FINISH IT, SHINY!) fanfic here. I, of course, took my own liberties with the original idea to make it my own.


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Created by rengeek on Live Journal

I think it’s already been established that I am a geek, nerd, dork, etc. Hopelessly so. My last three Facebook profile pictures alone will attest to that (the most recent of which is featured above). If you need further proof, allow me to share with you a common conversation between myself or The Geek and Bug after reading his octopus book to him:

Me: How many hearts does The Doctor have?

Bug: TWO! (holds up two fingers)

Me: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Bug: THREE! (holds up three fingers)

To be fair, The Geek taught him that one, not me. And The Geek doesn’t even like Doctor Who! Of course there is also the proud tear of happiness I always shed when Bug says he wants to dance with John Barrowman.  And, do I have to mention my TARDIS ringtone or the fact that Ten announces “Allons-y” to me every time I get a text message (Why yes, that is David Tennant in my handbag!)?

Anyway, you get the point about me being hopeless. You think it can’t get much worse, right? Wrong. Yesterday, I both crossed The Dork Line and brought Arwyn over with me. Many of you who know us on Twitter are probably thinking that that happened a loooooong time ago. But no, I’m telling you, it got worse. I convinced her to actually write a drabble of fanfic (previously we both have read FAR TOO MUCH fanfic but have never been dorky enough to actually write any) and she, in turn enabled me into CREATING A MACRO OF MY OWN.

Exhibit A: The drabble
Exhibit B: The macro

So, there you have it, people. A mutually enabling relationship + Doctor Who = insufferable dorkiness. I thought it would never go this far … yet it has. And I’m ok with that. 🙂

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In case you have been living under a rock, there was a rebirth over the weekend. No, not the zombie messiah known as Jesus, but the  Time Lord known as The Doctor! Yes, that’s right, Eleven made his debut and it was … pretty damned awesome if you ask me.

It’s true that Matt Smith is making me squirm and break out into fits of innappropriate giggles due to his strong resemblance to someone I know and, once upon a time, knew well. It’s just weird to “see” a friend in the TARDIS, ok? 🙂 Especially considering my penchant for reading Doctor Who fanfic smut, this is doing strange things to my brain. I will tell you one thing for sure, though: I will NOT, under any circumstances, be reading any Eleven themed smut. No way. NO! Oh god, that’s just … No. It’s just No. That’s what it is.

But my personal mental issues aside, Matt Smith is pretty brilliant as the Doctor. The only thing I can say against him is that he’s not Ten. Oh, Ten, how I miss thee. The silly grin, the babbling, the suit, the Converse sneakers, the hotness, the habit of exclaiming “Allons-y!” Ten, you were awesome and will be missed sorely. But, I always have smutty Ten/Rose (and sometimes a third party) fanfic, I suppose … What? I didn’t say I would be giving up Who smut entirely! That’s crazy talk!

This new season also heralds in a new era for Who. Stephen Moffat is taking over as head honcho from Russel T. Douchebag … er, I mean Davies. I have to say, this makes me very happy. Russel T. Davies did a lot, I’ll give him that. He revived Who in the first place and created a lot of awesome (Captain Jack Harkness is an obvious example). But, there is no denying that he is a douchebag more interested in money than turning out quality TV. He sold his soul to the devil and I hate him for it. Stephen Moffat, on the other hand, wrote Blink which is one of my all time favourite episodes of ANY TV show, hands down, let alone just for the Doctor Who category. The man has, so far, turned out all sorts of awesome and is a win in my book. In fact, I just did a search for info on Stephen Moffat and, it turns out that he’s written just about every one of my favourite Who episodes! Including The Empty Child/Doctor Dances episodes where Captain Jack is introduced. I am still pretty sure RTD is responsible for Jack but, wow, Moffat just got cooler in my eyes.  I know it’s a little early to say this (because he could turn out to be just as big a douche as RTD) but I find myself wishing he had been in charge when we had Ten. Oh, the coolness Moffat + Ten could have created …

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m excited about the new season of Who and, if you haven’t seen the newest episode then you should. You really, really should. Because it is awesome. Good luck, Matt and Stephen, I’m sure this season will prove to be brilliant AND fantastic and whatever word it is that Eleven chooses to be his favourite adjective. Allons-y!*

*  I couldn’t resist. Yes, I am a nerd. You just read an entire blog post about Doctor Who which probably means you are a nerd, too. So there!

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I know I’m overloading this blog with silly TV show related posts but I felt that given my raving about Captain Jack Harkness, I should do a follow up now that I’m caught up on Torchwood. I had likened Torchwood to the dessert after the healthy meal of Dr Who. It was fun, slashy and silly. Captain Jack Harkness really is one of the best characters I’ve come across in a long while. He’s full of charisma with a healthy dose of cheese and camp. Torchwood as a whole was really starting to come into it’s own and develop into a good balance of the silly and the serious when the second half of season two went somewhat off the rails leading into the travesty of what was to come. Then someone threw my yummy dessert into the mud … and pissed on it before grinding it further into the mud. That someone was the godfather of all things New Who, Russel T. Davies.

Yeah, I’m talking about that steaming pile of shit that was the Children of Earth miniseries, cop out semi third season of Torchwood. It wasn’t bad enough that the end of season 2 was a ridiculous blood bath of deceased characters leaving only Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto. No, no, Davies had to go even further to completely smash the show he’d created like a child that spends hours painstakingly constructing a block castle only to destroy it in two seconds flat… Only Davies was more sadistic, as if the aforementioned child tortured each block and ground them to dust as he went.  Children of Earth, was a miniseries that was so offensively bad it deserves to be striken from the record as ever having existed. Not only did yet another regular character die but it went in directions that no show should go unless it really had a message in mind … which this didn’t. It was contrived, poorly written nonsense intent on being shocking and edgey just for the sake of being shocking and edgey. Normally I like shocking and edgey … but this was neither. It went so far in that direction that it bypassed shocking and edgey and went straight into revolting crap. So intent was Davies on being shocking and edgey, in fact, that he hacked together the most ridiculous back story possible with no attention to small details like keeping his characters in, you know, CHARACTER. Seriously, I can go on and on but it all comes down to this: Children of Earth is the reason Russel T. Davies is going to hell (if there is a hell … and I find myself hoping there is and that it is a really painful place just for RTD).

I still love the character of Captain Jack Harkness (if the evil things that was done to besmirch his name in CoE can be ignored) so I find myself torn. Do I even give season 4 a chance? The answer is maybe … only if Captain Jack is involved and only if it can redeem itself even a little bit after a few episodes. It will take a lot to win me back, I think. For now, though, there is always fanfic … a world I never really delved into apart from some iladvised forays into the Star Wars universe prior to puberty (only the published books, mind). Too bad retcon doesn’t really exist.

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O Captain, My Captain …

Here’s the thing: I love Dr Who, I really do … But it’s kind of like the healthy meal before the Torchwood dessert. Yeah, I said it … so there, Whovians! I know it’s corny, inconsistent, full of silly flashy lights (what is with their computer equipment and the flashy car?), and the premise and storylines are often stupid and/or just plain ridiculous (not that Dr Who does any better in that regard). Some of the characters shit me to tears. Owen is a tool and  I’d like to see the writers quit giving Tosh the bum end of the stick. But that is not what this post is about. It’s about Jack. Because, really, isn’t it always about Jack?

Captain Jack is *the* reason I keep watching. It’s simple: Captain Jack is MADE OF (immortal) AWESOME! There is just something about that character that is brilliant. From the cheeky grin to the awesome coat to the flirtatiousness to the wanky little shoulder wiggle he does when he’s trying to be forceful. He’s essentially immortal*, over 150 years old and is still irresistable.  He does things to members of his team that you would think would make them hate him forever. Yet, not only do they seem to forgive him, sometimes they even shag him! John Barrowman as Captain Jack has the kind of charisma that jumps out of the screen, grabs onto you and doesn’t let go (kind of like an alien face sucker of charisma). He is a kind over the top musical theater style actor. Normally that style of acting in TV or movies shits me to tears, to be perfectly honest. But not this time. I don’t know why. Even the wanky shoulder wiggle is fantastic.

Anyone is welcome to buy me this tshirt

The character of Captain Jack is supposed to be attractive and irresistible. Looks wise, he’s not the type I generally swoon over. He’s a little more gay Ken doll than my taste tends toward. When he first came on the scene in Season 1 of Dr Who I was like “That’s the Captain Jack everyone keeps talking about? The guy who always gets laid? He’s so not hot!” But then I kept watching and, you know that charisma that jumps out of the screen that I mentioned before? It got me, it got me big time and it isn’t showing any signs of letting me go. Now, a season and a half into Torchwood, I can honestly say that I’d have a hard time resisting Captain Jack Harkness if he put the moves on me. The weird thing about that is that I still don’t find his looks appealing in that way. I find it hard to find a still picture of John Barrowman that I like … but when he’s in the part, in motion, he’s simply awesome and I can’t get enough.

I’ll leave you with a video of what has to be one of the best on-screen kisses I have ever seen in my life. Nevermind that in the 1940’s, when this was supposed to have happened, both of them likely would have had the living shit beaten out of them before they even had a chance to get to the kiss (ah, the dark ages) and just enjoy the sheer fabulousness of the moment. This scene made me yell at the screen (“Snog him! SNOG HIM!”) like I haven’t done in ages … and then it made me literally squee with glee (haha, rhymes are cool) when it finally happened. I give you Torchwood’s finest moment, Captain Jack and Captain Jack dancing and kissing:

*  I’d like to say that I’m eternally grateful that my Whovian friends never let slip the little tidbit about The Face of Boe. Many of the big moments have been slightly spoiled for me because I’m so late to both these shows but that one wasn’t and it was truly fantastic. 🙂

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Thanks to a special package sent to me by a very lovely Whovian, I have been catching up on my Dr Who again. Squee! I just finished Season 2 and now finally get what all the rabid fangirls were on about re David Tennant. He’s kinda hawt, isn’t he? 😉 And then there’s the shoes … how can I not love a Dr who wears a suit with Converse sneakers?

I’m still smarting from the Rose farewell. I was prepared for it (since I’m, like, 2 years behind and I do have many Whovian friends who’ve blabbed about it over the years) so I didn’t cry … but it was a close call. I admit it, I’m a sucker for the whole TV show characters-who-are-totally-into-each-other-but-not-really-admitting-it-or-doing-anything-about-it-and-when-the-hell-will-they-just-bonk? schtick. Why do you think I watched XFiles for so long? It certainly wasn’t because I honestly thought the “truth” that was “out there” would ever be revealed, I’ll tell you that! So, yeah, back to Rose and the Dr.  Can I just say that the whole locked in opposite dimensions thing completely and utterly sucks? Can I pretend that a) they already were doing it all over the TARDIS but we just didn’t know about it; and either b) they find a way through to the same dimension again eventually where they are reunited to bonk again; or c) there is a Dr (who looks like David Tennant) in Rose’s new dimension and they get together there? Please? I’m doing it anyway, so there.

And all this talk of companions of the Doctor, brings me to an interesting thing I noticed while watching season 2: People seem to consider Sarah Jane Smith as their favourite/most memorable Dr Who companion. I didn’t even remember Sarah Jane before the episode where she comes back prompted me to google her. Seriously, she was that memorable? And yet … and here’s the real point of all this … people (namely Rachel) don’t seem to remember Leela like I do. Of all the Dr Who companions that I saw while watching the early years (yes, I did stop soon after Baker, so sue me), Leela was the best! She was simply made of awesome! She literally kicked ass! How can one not remember Leela? Poor Leela. She was underrated and under appreciated, it seems. Not by me, though. Read all about The Amazing Leela here.

Moving on, I suppose you can now count me as one of the legions of David Tennant fans. He’s pretty awesome but, still not as awesome as Captain Jack Harkness. Granted, David Tennant’s Doctor is definitely sexier but Captain Jack is … just made of awesome and win. He is charisma and camp and angst and fantastic over the top musical theatre type acting (something I usually find irritating in anything but musical theatre, tbh). As Arwyn says, I am gone. Well and truly. I even have a Torchwood background on my phone at the moment. Yeah, total pathetic, drooling fandom. And I’m proud of it! At the moment, I am on a self imposed Torchwood hiatus until I can get caught up with Who to the point where they overlap. I’m finding this quite difficult. The urge to settle back into the fantastic Welsh accents and Captain Jack’s awesomeness is almost overwhelming. But I will be good! I will wait until I’m properly caught up!

And now, I would like to leave you with something that made me LOL like I’ve never LOLed before this morning. To quote Arwyn directly, “ZOMG! EPIC GEEKGASM!” Says it all, really. For your reading pleasure, I give you:Patrick Stewart & David Tennant star in HAMLET: THE MACRO SUMMARY. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Now, I must be off to watch more Doctor Who …

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Captain Jack, WTF?

So, this blog seems to be descending into a bunch of posts about my fangirl TV obsessions. I can’t help it! Its what’s on my mind at the moment. Well, not really. What really is on my mind at the moment stresses me out too much so I replace it with the storylines of geeky TV shows and feel better. Who needs therapy? 🙂

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post: Captain Jack Harkness. Oh, Jack, you’re awesome … but you’re confusing the fuck out of me! As everyone knows, I am fairly late to the whole Dr Who phenomenon. I only recently finished watching the first season of New Who. One of the *best* parts of that season was Captain Jack Harkness. He was fucking fabulous! An omnisexual, campy flirt from the 51st Century … you can’t get much better than Captain Jack! He cracked on to anything that spoke and was even known to occasionally pull a gun from his ass (like, literally). His chemistry with Rose and The Dr was nearly perfect. I was in fangirl heaven. So, it was a logical step for me to rush out and rent the first season of Torchwood to get my Captain Jack fix.

But I’m about half way through season 1 now and Torchwood’s Captain Jack is different. Character development is good like that, though. I’m kind of glad they developed his character a bit, gave him more depth … it would have been sort of pathetic if they hadn’t. And I can totally dig the angsty Jack, too. I mean, getting killed, resurrected and now not being able to die can do some funky shit to a man’s head.

All this is cool with me. However, what’s not cool with me and what’s confusing the SHITE out of me is the inconsistencies in character. For example, how the hell did Captain Jack get from where we left him a gazillion years in the future to being the head of Torchwood in Cardiff in the 21st century. The Doctor, Rose, and the TARDIS pissed off without him … where did he get another time machine? Then there’s the problem that “Small Worlds” (episode 5, season 1 of Torchwood) created: the timeline. So Captain Jack was in the US military in 1909? He had a girlfriend during WW2? Whoa, wait a minute … We met Captain Jack during The Blitz in London when he was a time travelling con man only there to make a buck (and sleeping with a human man at the time, I might add). He was identified then as being from the 51st century. Now we are meant to believe that he was hanging around the early 20th century and had a passionate love affair with a woman during WW2 (sort of clashing with the happily swinging omnisexual flirt we first met). Wut? Some explanations, please!

And then there’s the playing down of the omnisexual thing. Sure, he snogged Ianto. Big whoop. He hasn’t been cracking onto or even seen to be checking out nearly enough men (let alone anything else other than human female) to fit into his character. Yes, I know, angsty Jack. But even angsty Jack has urges (as evidenced by his otherwise flirtatious attitude toward Gwen) and, if he’s doing that, then a real omnisexual would share the love so to speak. The playing down of the sexuality seems to be another case of the creative team associated with Dr Who & the like totally failing to make a fantastic, open premise live up to what it really *could* be.

So, yeah, thus far, I have to say I’m a little grumpy with the inconsitencies. It doesn’t mean I don’t still love Jack. It would take a lot to make me dislike Captain Jack entirely. However, I am sincerely hoping things improve a bit as the series goes on or I will be sorely disappointed by the ruining of a truely awesome character.

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