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Teh Interwebz

I met a cool new friend yesterday. She’s from the US and is here with her husband and 5 year old daughter for two years (her husband is military so they’re here for his job). We went out for dinner without kids or partners and just had a really good chat. It was fab. But that’s not really what inspired me to write this post. What inspired me was the fact that I met this new friend online.

I found myself remembering the days back when Teh Interwebz was new. Back when it was still a little strange to spend hours online and everyone (except Kim) seemed to be paranoid about meeting people from the internet face to face. Back, even, before LOLCats had their own blog. Remember that?

When I was in highschool, we made a huge big deal about going to meet these potentially shady “internet people” in groups in public. I remember once when my friend Erica wanted to meet some guy, we descended en masse with at least 4 or 5 people (including Erica) to meet the dude at the Sit ‘n Spin in Seattle. The poor guy must have felt ganged up on.

But it’s not like that now. Meeting people via the internet has almost become the rule rather than the exception. I met most of my friends here in Perth via internet forums and pretty much all of them I met irl without even a second thought for paranoid security. Sometimes we even have new people come to our houses (often in a group meet up situation but that’s just a coincidence more than a rule).

Do I have a point? Does this mean anything? I don’t know. I’d like to think it means that the internet is a fantastic tool for communicating and that it makes the world a little smaller. Sure, it can be used for evil and for Nigerian email scams (not to mention a whole lot of porn … but some of that isn’t so bad ;)).  But, for the most part, the internet is a good thing and I would not know so many really awesome people if I didn’t have access to it.

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