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Talk To Me!

I am, once again, worried about Cub’s speech … or lack there of. He’s 19 months old and he doesn’t talk much. Well, he does but not much of it is in English. He’s bright, alert and communicates well enough … just not so much in English. He understands us and follows more than just simple instructions (as in, there are often a few steps involved which he seems to hear, understand and obey). He’s good at making himself understood by means other than English words. He’s also a lot more interactive with other children during play … more so than his brother at this age despite Bug being quite the social butterfly. By this I mean, he does less of the typical toddler playing side by side kind of stuff and more actual interactive type games with other kids (usually older than him). He’s also very physical. He climbs everything, breaks into stuff, explores toys (by this I mean he takes them apart to see how they work) and has quite surprising fine motor abilities for his age. To date, his list of words are as follows: “gumpa”(grandpa), “buhbuh” (ball), “chhsss” (cheese), “shhh” (shoes), “yeah,” “roro” (Ergo baby carrier), and a few other isolated moments of imitation. He also shakes his head “no” and uses various other gestures to get his meaning across. Still, though, his favourite “word” is something that sounds a bit like “ooh-ow-wah” and he uses it for just about everything.

Now, my gut says he’s ok, just slower on the uptake than others for this particular skill. He’s more physical than his brother was at this age (and his brother was a bit late to speech, too) so perhaps he’s just more concentrated on that part of development at the expense of speech for now. He’ll find his voice eventually.

But, the external influences are what make me doubt my gut. The other kids speaking more than him, my friend who’s started showing concern for her 20 month old who’s at a similar point … and the other friends who’ve advised her that maybe having a check up is a good thing.

I know he can hear, I’ve had proof of that (he can hear someone mentioning cheese or bath from across the house). I know he seems fine in every other aspect of development that I can think of. It’s just this one little thing that brings out the worry. I wonder what could be done? Will it really help? I mean, when you “intervene” with such a young child, how much of the eventual speech is due to the intervention and how much is due to the inevitable catch up in development … something the child would have done anyway, in his own time? The Geek is happy to wait and let him go at his own pace. I want to be happy with that but I keep hearing that nagging voice in my head telling me that perhaps he needs nudging, perhaps letting him go at his own pace is the wrong choice this time, perhaps I am failing him by not *doing something.*


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