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Yesterday I got a chance to visit a friend in the Perth Hills. I love going up there. It’s beautiful. Carlia lives about an hour’s drive away but it’s worth it. Even the drive is beautiful. There is something about the hills that make me almost like living here. It’s the trees, I think. I need to be surrounded by trees every once in a while. It’s a comforting feeling. Even though the kinds of trees are different, and there are no mountains visible above them, it makes me feel a little closer to home. The hills are the best during the autumn/winter months. During the summer, it’s too hot for me to fully appreciate the trees … I’m too busy melting. If you want to see what I mean about the beauty of the Perth Hills, check out Carlia’s blog particularly this post. If we have to stay in Perth, I really want to move to the hills.

The reason for the gathering at Carlias was an Intimo party. Intimo is a line of lingerie that is sold via a party plan. I am not shitting you. This is a real thing in the world. Party plan undies. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be attending things like undie parties, I would have laughed in your face. I’ve even hosted Tupperware parties of my own. What’s worse? I’ve not only been to a sex toy party but I’m planning on going to another one as soon as my friend is able to organize a date for it. Yeah, my life is exciting, is it not? 🙂 But, hey, they’re good excuses to get together, eat some cake and enjoy the company of friends (and even, dare I say, make some purchases … though not this particular time).

My accent was brought up at the party. Everyone thinks it’s funny how Australian I sound when I pronounce an “O” sound. It is kind of funny, I suppose. The scary thing, though, is that I realized today that I’d find it difficult to actually pronounce that “O” sound in an American accent now. In fact, it might be impossible. Since when did I become so Australian, that I cannot even immitate a full American accent? Oh, hai Identity Crisis, I forgot you existed for a while. Sigh.


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Long, long ago, before I moved to Australia, I was going to get a degree in Biological Anthropology. I’m fascinated by human/primate evolution. I wasn’t sure what kind of job it would get me but I was going to figure it out along the way, maybe taking a minor in Museology or something so I could be a museum geek. But then, The Geek happened to me. I got desperate to move to Australia to figure out how the relationship was going to go without the complication of being in separate countries. I started doubting that Anthropology was such a wise move as well. I started thinking I should get my head out of the clouds and choose a degree that will garauntee me a job. It turned out that a Student Visa was my best bet for moving here and none of the Western Australian universities offered specifically Bioanthro anyway. So, I decided to become a teacher and applied for a major in Education.

Yeah, that lasted about a year. I learned a valuable lesson: I would make a SHITE teacher. Not to mention the fact that I had pretty much nothing in common with any of the people in my classes and the subjects bored me to tears. I have nothing but the utmost respect for teachers … its a fucking tough job … but its just not something I can do nor want to do. Panic then set in because, you see, I was on a student visa meaning I had to be a student to stay in the country. What the hell was I supposed to study instead? Cue major personal crisis. I panicked and chose Psychology reasoning that it sounded interesting and any degree was better than nothing (and being sent out of the country). I never had any intention of going beyond the Bachelor of Arts or becoming an actual clinical psychologist or anything. I figured I’d work out the particulars later.

Well, its later and I am convinced that my degree in Psychology was a huge waste of money and time. I still wonder how it would have been different if I had just stuck with Anthro. I still find Anthro fascinating and would love to study it again. But, I tell myself I can’t, it’s too late, I don’t have the time/money/etc. Every time I see anything about human origins in National Geographic, I gobble it up. Anytime I see a crime scene investigation on a TV show with skeletal remains (forensic anthro type stuff) I think “gee, that would be a cool job.” But still I figure its not possible. I convince myself that a job will always just be a crap hole thing I hate but do to get money. (The Geek argues with me vehemently on that last point and insists that I shouldn’t bother getting a job unless it’s something I enjoy.)

Well, fuck all that. Maybe The Geek is right. Maybe I can find some sort of career that I like. One major problem: I need to go back to school for that and none of the Western Australian schools offer what I want. None. On a whim, I did a quick search this morning and found that, lo and behold, The Australian National University does both Bioanthro and Forensic Anthro courses. I’m thinking I could combine them somehow to get the best of both worlds (Bio for my fascination with human evolution but Forensic for job prospects outside of academia). But, of course, there is one huge problem with that, as well: The ANU is in Canberra (the opposite side of the country for my international readers). Well, fuck.

But, you know what? Its my turn. I moved here for The Geek and we’ve stayed here largely for his job/career. His job/career has taken precident thus far simply because he *had* a career path and it was a hell of a lot more lucrative than anything I could do as yet. Well, now I think I want to kick myself in the ass and do something I’ve been dreaming about for yonks and I think we should make it a priority. It won’t happen right away … the kids are still a bit too young for me to be able to devote enough time to school let alone have the brain power to juggle it all. This is something I know about myself rather than a statement about how impossible it is with kids these ages in general. But in a year or two, I think I could realistically think about going back to school and doing this. I think I just officially put it on the high priority list with The Geek. I think Canbera is now our new focus for possible relocation rather than Melbourne (unless I find a uni in Melbourne that offers the same courses and then I’m hell bent for Melbourne). I think I might not change my mind. I hope I won’t change my mind. Please feel free to kick me violently if I start making excuses for why I shouldn’t do it.

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