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Today Australia got it’s first female Prime Minister and I got my period a week early. The two events are not related, but I am using any opportunity to complain about my early period. And, hey, it *is* rather coincidental. What game are you playing, Mother Nature?!

Anyway, aside from my menstrual related moaning, this Julia Gillard thing is a mixed blessing. On one hand, I want to be really happy about Australia having a female PM. And, let’s face it, it was always going to be Julia. She’s smart and well spoken and knows how to play the game well. I’ve always liked her even when I’ve been pissed off with her party. On the other hand, as I’ve mentioned, I’m sort of really pissed off with Labor in general. They fucked up. They started out promising and just royally fucked up. From their idiotic, misogynistic and downright draconian “maternity reform” to their bullshit school website, they have done little but piss me off. And, the thing is, I am not optimistic that Julia Gillard will fix any of these things. I’m not convinced that she is the force for change that is needed.

As I said, though, I want to be happy about this. I want to congratulate Julia Gillard and be optimistic about her leadership. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. As much as I say that I will vote Green, I know that the PM is still going to be either Labor or Liberal … which means that if Gillard doesn’t cut the mustard with voters, we’re stuck with something worse than the Labor Party: Tony Abbott.  It feels so unfair that I would have escaped the reign of Dubya only to be stuck in Abbott World once he was gone. Yes, Abbott is little better than King George.  He is an intelligence challenged troll from the Jurassic period.

So, Julia, change my mind about Labor, PLEASE. Make things in your twisted party better. Don’t stick us with the Mad Monk and don’t stick us with more incompitant nonsense if you do win the next election. I’ll be watching you.


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