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I really want to try to do Music Monday more often because I like music and it’s fun to share good songs with people. So, in attempt to motivate myself to keep this blog going, I’m setting myself a challenge. I need to do a Music Monday for every Monday of this month because November is AusMusic Month on TripleJ* and I thought it would be fun to get into the spirit of it.

This week I chose Children Collide. They’re a three piece out of Melbourne and they are soooooooo 90’s … which is probably why I like them. 🙂 I try not to think about the fact that, while I was buying my first flannel shirts and chained wallet, these boys were probably barely out of nappies. It is an alarming aspect of growing old when you start to realize that many of the bands you dig weren’t even alive when you were going through puberty.

Anyway, here’s my current favourite Children Collide song: My Eagle. Turn it up loud and enjoy the hilariously retro 90’s video. I told you they were so 90’s! (Can these kids even *remember* the 90’s … or see through that hair?)





*  TripleJ is the national youth radio station here in Australia. It is sort of like NPR in the US only with less boring talk shows and more really good music. I should do a post about how awesome TripleJ is sometime. I will do that. One day.

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