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Yesterday I got a chance to visit a friend in the Perth Hills. I love going up there. It’s beautiful. Carlia lives about an hour’s drive away but it’s worth it. Even the drive is beautiful. There is something about the hills that make me almost like living here. It’s the trees, I think. I need to be surrounded by trees every once in a while. It’s a comforting feeling. Even though the kinds of trees are different, and there are no mountains visible above them, it makes me feel a little closer to home. The hills are the best during the autumn/winter months. During the summer, it’s too hot for me to fully appreciate the trees … I’m too busy melting. If you want to see what I mean about the beauty of the Perth Hills, check out Carlia’s blog particularly this post. If we have to stay in Perth, I really want to move to the hills.

The reason for the gathering at Carlias was an Intimo party. Intimo is a line of lingerie that is sold via a party plan. I am not shitting you. This is a real thing in the world. Party plan undies. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be attending things like undie parties, I would have laughed in your face. I’ve even hosted Tupperware parties of my own. What’s worse? I’ve not only been to a sex toy party but I’m planning on going to another one as soon as my friend is able to organize a date for it. Yeah, my life is exciting, is it not? 🙂 But, hey, they’re good excuses to get together, eat some cake and enjoy the company of friends (and even, dare I say, make some purchases … though not this particular time).

My accent was brought up at the party. Everyone thinks it’s funny how Australian I sound when I pronounce an “O” sound. It is kind of funny, I suppose. The scary thing, though, is that I realized today that I’d find it difficult to actually pronounce that “O” sound in an American accent now. In fact, it might be impossible. Since when did I become so Australian, that I cannot even immitate a full American accent? Oh, hai Identity Crisis, I forgot you existed for a while. Sigh.


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I had a Tupperware party yesterday. Wait, it gets worse! I bought stuff … and my friends bought stuff … and I got lots of free loot out of it … and I’m STOKED about all this! Yeah. Me. Tupperware party host, Tupperware purchaser and excited recipient of free Tupperware. What happened to me?

This is on top of the fact that, about 18 months ago, I was over the moon to be buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Yeah, you read that right … I was counting the days till it got delivered (it was part of a largish appliance purchase). I almost posted photos of it on Facebook next to the photos of my kids. Pathetic? You bet.

Even my music taste is changing. For example, I now LOVE Ben Folds. Who would have guessed? When Ben Folds Five first made it big when I was in highschool, I thought they were “meh.” I kind of chalked them up as “old people’s music” and couldn’t figure out why they were so popular. Now? Now I know the error of my ways. Can you get a cooler song than Rocking the Suburbs? Like, really?

Oh, and I read romance novels. In my defense, I refuse to read those shithole Fabio-on-the-cover, bodice ripping, ridiculous tomes of throbbing members and fainting damsels. I read Paranormal Romance … otherwise known as Vampire Smut. But, yeah, despite the very significant differences there, I know it’s still sad. I know it’s badly written crap but it’s *fun* badly written crap and after a day of chasing kids all over the place, settling down to some thinking optional brain candy with vampires and smut (don’t forget the smut … it’s very important) is a good way to relax.

I am old. Old and boring. I am an old, boring housewife who reads smut and buys Tupperware. Sigh. Seriously, though, if I ever EVER purchase a minivan or an SUV that’s not used for, you know, sports utility stuff and apply one of those awful “Mum’s Taxi” (or “Mom’s Taxi” depending on the country) signs to it … SHOOT ME DEAD. Please. thnxbai

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