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Today was awesome and I have pictures to prove it. It was the mental health day I needed and I feel like sharing.

Things didn’t start out so great. Cub woke me up with a ginormous leaky poo that required a massive clean up. The kids were grumpy and climbing me. they were generally being wibbly, wobbly kiddy widdy things (see what I did thar?) and I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, either. Then I realized that today was Perth Upmarket day. Perth Upmarket is an artisan/fashion/nifty handmade stuff market that is held … monthly, I think. Anyway, I had never been before and wanted to check it out.

We fed the kids lunch and I escaped a little after noon. Things were already looking up in the car as I cranked up the Ani DiFranco music to a point just under the bursting point of the car speakers and proceeded to sing & car dance like the dreadlocked, folk music loving weirdie I am:

The upmarket held on the gorgeous campus of University of Western Australia and it was a gloriously sunny day.

I walked in wondered through the stalls a bit. Almost immediately, I found this awesome bag: I’ve been looking for a decent bag for myself that is not intended to carry nappies for a while so this was a good purchase.

Then, I found a friend and had a good chat. Unfortunately, I didn’t take her picture and she had to go back to the stall she was helping to run for the Sun Fair (all things eco/energy saving). After she left, I wondered around some more and then bought myself the most delicious, decadent triple chocolate brownie ever:

This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was divine.

After that, I wandered a round a bit and took some pictures of the gorgeous campus.

Then I sat down and enjoyed the serenity (ah, the serenity). I also had some good fun on Twitter* when I may or may not have sent Arwyn this picture of my butt:

It’s probably too complicated (or too ridiculous) to explain. You sort of had to be there. But she complimented my … uh, dreadlocks! At some point I admired some photos that were being sent around** …. Mmmmm ….  ……….

*wipes drool from chin* Um, where was I? Oh yeah, my day … my day …

I took some more photos of the campus because it’s gorgeous and I wanted to share.

I love these trees. They are so cool. They look like something out of a Tolkein book.

I also love the gorgeous buildings and creeping plants and just the whole damned campus. Why did I go to the ugly uni instead of UWA?

Eventually, I went home (taking a detour to run a few errands to prolong my time in the car with blasting loud Ani DiFranco CDs).  The best part is that despite kids climbing me when I got home and the frustration of attempting to get these photos from my phone to my blog, I’m still in a pretty good mood. The boys and I even cranked up some White Stripes and danced like loons in the living room before they went to bed. I think I need more sunny days on my own to do as I please. I think they agree with me, don’t you?

*   Remember the days when you couldn’t carry the interwebz around with you on your phone? Those were dark, horrible times and we should never speak of them again. *hugs her Android phone*

**  If you don’t know who this is, I pity you, I really, really do.*hands you a banana*

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