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In case you haven’t noticed: I haven’t blogged in a while. There are many reasons for that. School holidays (chaos at home), more illness, writers block, personal dramas all contributed to that. At least school is back and the illness is mostly cured now. The personal dramas … well.

This parenting gig is tough. I feel like I’ve lost myself. Did I ever really know who I was in the first place? I don’t know. How do I go about finding said self? I haven’t the foggiest. Direction? What’s that and how do I get it? I had more written but then I realized that it was just whinging. The interwebz cares not for my confused complaining. Been there, done that, got burned something awful. I’ll shut it on the woe is me crap now.

Apparently, according to my blog stats, people are still popping in here and reading occasionally. Lots the day before yesterday for some reason … So, I ask you: What should I blog about? What do you want to listen (read) to me ramble about? Give me a hand out of this writer’s block, will ya?


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