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In case you haven’t noticed, I have dreads. I got them for my 30th birthday about 7 months ago and I love them. They are the best hairstyle I’ve ever had. I had them installed by the Weird Sistas.  They create the dreads with a teensy tiny crochet hook and just weave the hair into a rope. No back-combing and no wax. It’s pretty awesome.

It had been a while since my last maintenance session (before Christmas, I think) and my dreads were feeling F-E-R-A-L. They were marrying up and frazzled and generally just looking like shit. It got so bad that I contemplated shaving my head. Luckily I stopped myself and made an appointment for a maintenance session. I like to schedule these sessions on a Saturday so I can leave the kids with The Geek and have a few hours to myself. The Dread Bunker is funky, cool and located on High St in Fremantle … which is extra funky and cool. It’s always nice to catch up with Nazy and Bonn. I didn’t get to talk to Bonn much today but Nazy did most of the work on my hair so I got to have a good natter with her.  We chatted about social media and our kids and I even helped her download a Twitter application for her iPhone because everyone should be constantly connected to Twitter like me! No, I am not addicted to Twitter. Not at all. No way. I did not spend a large amount of the time at The Bunker tweeting and reading tweets. No, I didn’t! *cough*

Did I mention that while I was getting my hair done I received a “happy-making” photo that is likely going to become my phone wallpaper? (Not that I was spending too much time on Twitter, of course.) What’s a blog post about a good day off without a picture of David Tennant or some other vaguely (or not so vaguely) Who related referencing? Besides, that, what’s a blog post about a good day off without a picture of an arse of some description? This time, just to be extra fun, it’s a picture of DAVID TENNANT’S ARSE ! (Ok, so it’s mostly his hip … but what a sexeh hip!) That definitely tops the picture my own arse from last time. 😀

After my dreads were tamed and smelling divine (they have the awesomest salt and essential oil spray to finish the job off), I wandered off to the Fremantle Markets and had an organic, chocolate filled donut. All in all, it was a good day. I wish I could afford to do it more often. My head feels and smells awesome and I feel relaxed and refreshed. I also smell extra yummy which is lovely, too.

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